What We Do

Sana Partners has been entrusted with the capital of some of South Africa’s premier investment institutions and high-net-worth investors with the mandate of investing in the country’s most promising and exciting mid-size enterprises and exceptional management teams. Our aim is to honour the trust of our investors by ensuring that their capital delivers superior returns as well as to honour our commitment to our investment partners to help their firms flourish.

What We Do For Our Investors

We have an extensive network of relationships enabling origination of proprietary and exclusive transactions. This affords our investors unique access to attractive investment opportunities in the mid-market space to which most of our investors would not typically have exposure. Our origination style is in harmony with our approach to investing in that our success in concluding transactions is a result of the chemistry in the relationships that we have engendered, and it is the strength of these relationships that ultimately serves to deliver the best returns for all stakeholders in the companies in which we invest. The collective experience of the team is applied with tenacity and ingenuity, making Sana a safe pair of hands as fund managers.

What We Do For Our Investment Partners

Sana does not “buy companies”. We invest in people. We invest our own capital alongside management teams and entrepreneurs with exceptional talent, vision and determination in problem-solving. The value that we bring to our investment partners is often best explained by partners who have worked with us in the past and is focused on the strategic value we bring to our partners.

Because we back exceptional management teams, we do not get involved in the operations of the businesses in which we invest, but rather provide strategic support to our partners.